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Night Owls

Kick your shoes off and enjoy a night out on the Green. Our Night Owls are hosted Tuesday and Thursday nights from October to April. You are welcome to join us at anytime, either by yourself or with your friends.

With our state-of-the-art, artificial greens, bright night lights, and cheerfully stocked bar, is there anywhere else to consider playing bowls at night?

We don’t think so.

In fact, Payneham Bowling Club has one of the most thriving Night Owls competitions so be wise and register your interest now, by signing up to our night owls news.  Our current season is running from January 9th through until March 17th


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Tuesday Night Owls 10th March

Tuesday Night Owls 10th March

A nice warm night brought a full complement of 29 teams out on the beautiful Payneham greens. Well done to all those who made the night such a success and a joy to organise. We had a night of close results with some unexpected scores. Glyndies and Bad Bias Boys fought...

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Tuesday Night Owls 10th March

Thursday Night Owls 5th March

A pleasant autumn evening brought our usual 20 teams out on the lovely Payneham greens. Another night of very big scores despite our efforts to try and achieve close match ups. Closest game of the night was between Gully Gallopers and Marche who won with the...

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