Honour Boards

From 1920 (Men) & 1928 (Women), the club was governed by two individual committees. In 1989, the Payneham Bowling Club introduced the position of Chairman of the Administrative Committee, before finally in 2004, the two club's merged to form the Payneham Bowling Club inc.

Throughout this time, many members of the club held the position of Office Bearer and although these positions no longer exist, it would be remise of the club to not honour each and every one of these members.

Men's President's (1920-2005)
Women's Presidents' (1928-2005)
Admin Committee Chairman's (1989-2005)
Payneham Bowling Club Inc President's (2005-Present)

Men's Secretaries (1920-2005)
Women's Secretaries (1928-2005)
Admin Committee/Payneham Bowling Club Inc Secretaries (1992-Present)

Payneham Bowling Club Treasurer's (1920-Present)

Life Member's

Men's Club Singles Champions
Women's Club Singles Champions

Men's Club Pairs Champions
Women's Club Pairs Champions