This policy has been introduced following the establishment of synthetic surfaces known as DALES PRO WEAVE 1000 which needs to be protected from heavy impact.

A dump is defined as a bowl that when delivered is likely to cause heavy impact to the bowling surface.

"No Dumping” signs will be displayed around the Club.

Preceding all events the Club Spokesperson speaks to bowlers present regarding Club Dumping Policy.

All Club members have a responsibility in the identification of bowls dumpers and then informing Club appointees.

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The Club will appoint three members each year to counsel dumpers individually about corrective options in the following sequence:( 

a) Offer coaching by a Club Coach.
b) Use of the Bowling Arm/Claw.
c) Use of dumping mats & procedure involved.
d) Failing acceptance of a), b)& c) any one of the three Club appointees will be empowered to make the immediate decision to finalise the matter.

The Board
February 2014