Bowls Department

Bowls Director: Gary Miles
General Manager: Richard Law
Saturday Pennant Co-ordinator: Colin Simpson
Thursday Pennant Co-ordinator: Marie Roberts
Wednesday Pennant Co-ordinator: Colin Simposon
Coaching: Tom Ellis Richard Law, Joan Prosser, Steve Coultas
Recruitment: Marie Roberts, , Richard Law Gary Miles
Social Bowls:  Doug Macrae, Cliff Bovington, David Law
Night Owls: Keith Neill, Michael McCaffrey
Umpires: Barry Johnston Joan Prosser
Club Championships: Peter Marshall, Jill Thomas
Taylor's Cup: Leigh Adams
State Events: Joan Prosser, Ron Mulliner
Juniors: Richard Law & Faye Luke
Club Tournaments: Jeff Haylock
Selection Committee's 2016-17

Saturday Chairperson: Colin Simpson
Thursday Chairperson: Catherine George
Wednesday Chairperson: Colin Simpson

1st Side: Peter Marschall and Gaberielle Nardecchia
2nd Side:Jeff Haylock and Mario Molinaro
3rd Side: Bill Reid   
4th Side: Doug Phillips
5th Side: Denise Andrews
6th - 8th Side (Panel): TBA                    
1st Side: John Radloff and John Cook
2nd Side: Bill Reid  
3rd Side: Doug Phillips
4th & 5th Side (Panel): TBA
1st Side: Colleen Symonds and Marie Roberts
2nd Side Gail Woods  Marlene Davey
3rd Side:Colleen McKnight
4th Side: TBA